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About Our Products

This section will help new customers understand our product options.

Android TV Boxes

Our Android TV Boxes are of the best quality and brands available on the market today. We have a wide variety of choices which will fit the needs of all users.

Custom Installed Android TV Boxes

We Do Not install third party Kodi Add-ons or other applications which enable video piracy

Our custom installed Android TV Boxes are only shipped out to our Customers from within Canada and include the following extras;

- Custom launcher for your Android Box, meaning the initial page when you boot up your TV Box is more refined and user friendly than your stander launcher which comes on most TV Boxes. Our customers in general love this feature, but you still have the option to turn it off or  customize it as your wish.

- Pre-installed Applications including the following; 

   - Video; Kodi, SPMC, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Plex, VLC, YouTube.

   - Music; Soundcloud, Spotify,Vevo.

   - Utilities; APK Pure, CCleaner, Google Drive, Chrome, Weather, etc.

   - Social; Facebook, Twitter, Skype.

   - VPN; IPVanish

   - Email & Messenger; Blue Mail, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp.

   - Kodi complete setup wizard - allows individuals to select their own builds & add-ons.


Shipping Options

We have 2 available shipping selections - International-to-you or Domestic;

 - Canadian Domestic parcels are available when Expedited Shipping option is selected.

    - We also ship our Canadian Domestic parcels outside of Canada for a flat rate of $18

 - International-to-you parcels consist of any product that is not shipped Expedited. All of these packages are shipped generally with e-packet, DHL, or FEDEX and are clearly identifiable under our shipping options.

    - We can ship these items outside of Canada for a flat rate of $18.


For more information on shipping, please read our Shipping Policy


*The TV Box Professionals does not condone piracy in any way, shape, or form.  If one of our Android TV Boxes is purchased and then utilized to stream pirated content - that is the sole responsibility of the end user. The TV Box Professionals will not be held responsible or accountable for the end users actions.


For more information regarding the above statement, please read our Disclaimer



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