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About Us - The TV Box Professionals


About us

The TV Box Professionals was established because of the realization that Android TV Boxes are becoming increasingly more and more popular. The problem is, there are very few options to purchase TV Boxes from reputable retailers who are committed to offering customer support. To put this into perspective, it seems like there is a new person each and everyday, just waiting to sell you their Android TV Box.  These individuals are all over the place, promising that their products are the best...


What we quickly realized is that these sellers are usually selling overpriced bare bones products. The sellers, although often meaning well, rarely recognized the need to offer any type of ongoing support for their customers.  We knew that someone needed to fill this gap and soon after launching we began getting flooded with emails from individuals who purchased TV Boxes online, received their products, and then were abandoned when they needed support.


The TV Box Professionals realize that people need a professional company that is committed to offering 100% customer service. We want to help you get the most out of your Android TV Box and we want you to know that we will be there when something goes wrong. This is how we approach our service;

- First, we load all our Domestically shipped TV Boxes with multiple popular Android Applications that are useful and are exactly what most people are looking for; including updated video streaming Apps, Social networking Apps, and other useful utility Apps that can enhance the user experience.

- Second, we delete all those Applications that come standard from the factory, the ones with no value to the customer.

- Third, we install our Domestic boxes with a custom landing page which offers easier navigation and promotes a more user friendly experience.

- Finally, The TV Box Professionals has an active Facebook page and blog. We use these mediums in order to stay in touch with our customers; we help you fix your problems, offer friendly advice, and sometimes just say hello :-)


We believe that these are the small acts which have made The TV Box Professionals so popular and trustworthy.  Our company not only provides Android TV Boxes, we also provide a personalized experience for each and every one of you.

We want The TV Box Professionals to be your first choice for Android TV Box sales and service.


Our Vision

Since launching, we have come to the realization that Streaming TV Boxes are truly the way forward for television - they are the future. This is not a passing fad - we can see that in a few years, each and every home will have a Video Streaming box in some form or another. And The TV Box Professionals plans on leading this charge and delivering our products and services to each and every one of those individuals who realize that the internet is the way of the future, not only for communication, information, and shopping - but for TV as well.


The TV Box Professionals would be proud to help you get the most out of your Android TV Box.  



Jeremy Ratelle


Please check us out on Twitter @prosbox or Facebook.
Or feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.




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